AlterG’s Antigravity Treadmill uses latest technology

Making news once again, AlterG’s amazing Anti-Gravity Treadmill is featured here in a story out of British Columbia, where a physical therapy practice has just invested in one of these amazing machines.  One PT, Dawn Collins, says “the AlterG will be useful for two groups of clients – those who want to keep training as they recover from surgery or injury, and those who are preparing to undergo surgery.”

While it certainly is true that the Anti-Gravity treadmill is useful for those two groups, it is actually just as useful for many more.  It can help seniors and people with neurological impairments to regain their balance, it can help injured athletes to keep training, and it can help those with chronic pain to move pain-free.

See the full story from the Vernon Morning Star here, and give us a call at 413.387.0722 to set up your free trial on our AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill today!