Faster recovery for pro athletes

This article goes to great lengths to describe why it is that pro athletes seemingly recover so much faster after an injury that would have laid an average person out on the couch for weeks.  Sure there is the advantage of being in impeccable physical condition, but there is more to it than that.

One major reason is that athletes are immediately cared for by experienced trainers and physical therapists. Most people would simply go home after an injury, then maybe only call for help if their condition did not improve. The lesson there: don’t wait for physical therapy!

Another reason athletes can recover faster after lower body injuries: the Alter-G.  However, as one professional interviewed in the article said, “only a few physical therapy clinics offer the AlterG for recreational athletes“.  For those of you in Western Mass, Southern Vermont, and Northern Connecticut, this is not a problem. We have one right here at Restore!

More from Laura Hambleton of the Washington Post here.