Get outside this winter

Winter is a great time to get comfortable indoors.  Fireplaces, warm blankets, and slippers all invite us to stay indoors and hibernate during the coldest months of the year.

While some of that is relaxing, don’t let that be all you do this winter.  Winter sports are a fun way to get outside, keep warm, and help keep your mind off of the shorter daylight hours.  Maybe even better, they burn through calories and work muscles you may not otherwise focus on strengthening.

Take snowshoeing for example.  When snowshoeing, you need to often take bigger, higher steps in order to move yourself forward while wearing those large shoes.  This works your thighs and glutes in a way walking on pavement just doesn’t.  Add in an incline and you get an additional workout for your glutes and your lower back.  If you’re trying it for the first time you will begin to feel that workout in the first couple of minutes.

For more on winter exercise and further suggestions on which workouts may be beneficial (and fun) for you, see this article from The Norwich Bulletin here.