Got brain fatigue? Get outside!

If you’ve ever become listless in front of a computer screen, incoherent during a meeting, or overwhelmed in traffic, you’ve experienced it: brain fatigue.

Brain fatigue can leave you distracted and forgetful, and its cause is all around us in the form of too much information.  Well, not just information, but excessive stimulation.  Information technology, urbanization, and fast-pace workplaces all put too much strain on our brains.

A study conducted last year in Edinburgh, Scotland points to time spent outside in green space as a possible cure for brain fatigue.  While natural spaces still do stimulate our brains, they do so in a way that allows us to be more meditative and calm.  This stands in stark contrast to human-made environments that demand all of our attention and leave us feeling drained as a result.

This post from the New York Times has even more on how time in the park can relieve you brain fatigue.