Muscle imbalances!

A new article from the Washington Post entitled Muscle imbalances can wreck your workouttells us that having some muscles too weak relative to others can not just ruin your workout, but also start little aches and pains.  These little aches and pains, after we begin compensating for them for prolonged periods of time, can then become chronic.

These imbalances can often be started by something many of us are already guilty of doing: overspecializing.  Weightlifters keep weightlifting, while runners keep running, with neither group taking enough time to vary their routine and strengthen other muscles.  The result is people working their already-strengthened areas, while neglecting the areas that need the most work.

It’s a fun and quick read, and it should give you pause to think of how you should perhaps mix up your workout routine.  For more from the Washington Post, click here.

Thanks to Move Forward from the American Physical Therapy Association for sharing this piece.