Prehab: it’s not just for elite athletes

We’ve written about prehab once before here.  Prehab is a play on the word rehab or rehabilitation, and in its most general sense it refers to any preventative exercise regime used to either prepare for surgery and facilitate rehab or to ward off surgery and rehab altogether.

While elite athletes and surgical candidates are perhaps the most obvious choice for prehab, that does not mean that we all couldn’t benefit from some preventative exercise.  Prehab focuses on establishing and maintaining core function, thereby correcting muscle and postural imbalances.  These  imbalances leave us vulnerable to injury when we do exert ourselves, whether at the gym or in the course of our workday.  By correcting these imbalances and maintaining our core strength, prehab aims to remove the risk of injury from the equation altogether and therefore reduce or eliminate the need for future surgeries or subsequent rehabilitation.

For a more detailed explanation, the American Council on Exercise has offered this article on the benefits of and philosophy behind prehab.