The Secret About Seeing Multiple PTs
It’s completely normal to become accustomed to or even attached to your physical therapist. When you get asked to schedule an appointment with someone else, you may be put off or even resistant to the idea. Well, there are good reasons to switch PTs within the same practice that you should know about.


I like my PT. Why should I switch?


This is a question we get asked often in our practice. Every week we hear from patients who want to only see the first therapist they saw when they first came to our practice. When we offer them follow up appointments with another therapist, they can be confused, even disappointed. You may be asked to schedule with another therapist because of scheduling concerns, for additional perspective, or other good reason. It’s about getting you the attention and care you need as quickly as possible.


I want to see my therapist.


The truth is that depending on your condition, you may need to be seen by a particular therapist for your first visit. Legally, no matter what your condition, you will need to see a therapist who is licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as a PT on your first visit. After that, you may be seen by either a physical therapist (PT) or a physical therapist assistant (PTA). A PTA is not someone who is less skilled or not as helpful – you’re always in good hands – it’s just that the law does not permit practitioners to conduct an initial evaluation (first visit) unless they have this one particular license.


But I like my therapist.


Having strong relationship with our patients is something we pride ourselves on, and in fact that is the number one reason patients come back to us. We get to know you as people, not injuries. Sometimes however, it’s best to see a different therapist, especially when the therapist you have begun to know has a very full schedule. It is far better that you meet someone new rather than possibly waiting weeks to see someone you already now. Your injury or condition could easily deteriorate if you let it go untreated for too long.


Why do you want me to see someone else?


Aside from getting you in to see a skilled therapist as soon as possible, there are other advantages to having you book follow up appointments with one or more different practitioners. Most importantly, each therapist in our office has a slightly different perspective, background, and approach. It’s no different than anywhere else in life. We all have our strengths! When you see different physical therapists who work together in the same practice, you get a more well-rounded assessment of your condition and an overall better plan for your care.



In the end, it comes down to using all, not just some, of our resources to care for you. All of our therapists are highly educated, skilled, and caring professionals, and each is a fun and interesting person as well. Get to know them all!