What do you need to do after a workout? Recharge!

There is a reason why taking a load off, getting a drink of water, and having a snack feels so great right after a workout: your body needs it.  While exercise is important for maintaining good health, it also takes a toll on your body.  You need time, hydration, and proper nutrition to recharge.

Perhaps just as important – if not more important – is sleep.  Your body doesn’t get leaner or more toned or more muscular at the gym; it does it while you’re sleeping.  While your workout sets you up for better health and physical shape, it is your sleep that executes that plan by growing and recharging muscles overnight.

To learn some tips on workout recovery, check out this handy guide from Move Forward PT.  No matter what your favorite form of exercise is, remember to take a little time to recover after your workout.