Restore Physical Therapy and Wellness Center
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our philosophy 


Restore Physical Therapy and Wellness Center is Western Mass’ integrative physical therapy clinic, offering a mindful approach to healthcare. Our clinicians consider each patient’s body, mind, and emotional health during treatment. We employ a trauma-informed approach built upon the principles of trustworthiness, support, collaboration, and empowerment. Our clinicians realize the impact of trauma and its effects on treatment and recovery. We recognize signs and symptoms of trauma and actively resist re-traumatization.

It’s our belief that by caring for the whole patient we can achieve the best possible outcomes. Our goal is to embolden individuals to take charge of their healthcare. We realize that healing comes from a cooperative relationship between patient and clinician.




Each of our sessions is hands-on. Our clinicians work privately with patients to ensure an individualized and personal experience. After treatment, we educate all of our patients to ensure continued success and to progress each patient into a customized exercise program.

We firmly believe in utilizing an integrative, team approach to patient care. Patients can enjoy visits with each of our practitioners, giving them insights from several therapists who have different strengths and points of view. This practice frequently provides patients with a faster recovery time, as follow-up visits can be more readily scheduled.

We communicate with acupuncturists, midwives, psychotherapists, nutritionists, osteopaths and primary care providers to create a multidisciplinary system of support. Our staff is happy to refer to many of the highly skilled clinicians with whom we consult. We also have a close relationship with the Green River Doula Network, which provides support for families during labor and in the postpartum weeks following delivery.

Our office is happy to accept new patients with a wide range of symptoms, regardless of complexity. Please contact our office to schedule an initial evaluation.