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Doctor of Physical Therapy, Pelvic Health Specialist,

Orthopedic Manual Therapist

Dr. Patricia J. Young

   Thank you for reading about my practice.  The most frequent question I am asked is how I became interested in Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy.  I first went to school for psychology and child development doing my undergraduate work at UMass/Amherst and then my graduate work at Tufts.  My goal was to become a child psychologist. However, once in graduate school, I was drawn to pediatric medicine because of the various clinical experiences I had during my program.  I embarked on a rigorous night school program at Harvard’s extension school for adults.  Doing 2 programs simultaneously was exhausting. I was newly married and then found that my mother was quite ill due to a genetic deficit which did not present until she turned 49 years old. She needed a liver transplant and was hospitalized for almost a year.  I put my graduate education on hold at that point and was then pregnant with my first child. I wanted to stay home with my children for several years.

   But why did Pelvic Health specialty speak to me?  It was due to my own personal birth stories prior to going to PT school.  All 3 births were very different experiences which led me to some deep healing and introspection.  My first birth was a c-section.  It was unexpected and I was exhausted due to the stress of my mom’s illness. For the birth of my second child, I was able to have a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean).  It was extremely challenging but an amazing experience.    When my third baby was born, I chose to have a Home Birth.  I was thrilled that labor progressed without complications and I was able to have my baby at home. Women’s health was an intense focus of my life during this time. 

A few years after my third (and last) child was born, I decided to use my love of exercise as an impetus towards helping others stay healthy. I became a personal trainer.  I traveled to individual’s homes for their sessions, serving people with a variety of different physical demands. It allowed me to have a flexible schedule for my family and stay fit.   What I realized several months into this work, was that so many people were sick and struggling. I wanted to learn more in order to be more effective in guiding my clients.  So, I pursued physical therapy.. I went back to school at age 39 to re-do my prerequisites while my youngest was in nursery school.. I was then accepted into Springfield College’s PT program, having to repeat my 3rd and 4th years of college and then completed another year for my Master’s in Physical Therapy.  I went on to earn my Doctor of Physical Therapy from Temple University while I studied Women’s Health / Pelvic Floor through the American Physical Therapy Association.  I also earned my certification in Manual Therapy from the Manual Therapy Institute in Plano, TX.  

   After working in various clinics with so many corporate demands, I decided to open my own practice.   I wanted a clinic that provided more personal, one-on-one encounters with more time to be with my clients. I first started a private practice in 2012 where there was a small team of clinicians. We tried to work in the insurance model framework while providing personal care. However, this proved to be challenging and exhausting.  When COVID hit, I closed the practice and brought it to my rural home where I am building a homestead. It is quiet and relaxing, a truly healing environment.

 The decision to drop insurance was a difficult one. However, being able to really spend time with patients has been rewarding. My desire is to provide a holistic, integrative plan of care that addresses the whole person. It also promotes the healthy well-being of the clinician. 

If you would like to work with me in your healing journey, I want to support you in achieving your success by providing nothing less than I would want for myself or a family member. 

How to Work With Us

In Person Session

Your visit will begin with a comprehensive history taking so we understand in detail what questions, concerns, and challenges that have brought you here today.  Then we will do a head to toe orthopedic evaluation

Online Wellness Consultation

Would you like to meet in the comfort of your own home or live too far away?  We can arrange for online meetings to discuss your concerns and challenges and then set goals with specific actions to help you achieve them. 

Online Classes

Do you have time or financial barriers to addressing your pelvic health concerns? We have online programs that are simple, easy, and affordable to allow you to resolve your pain and discomfort independently.


Come join us in the the peacefulness of nature.

Not only is our care one of a kind, but the atmosphere is too!

Join Us In A One of a Kind Physical Therapy Experience

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