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How to Work With Us

Happy, Active, Strong and Painfree


   The Northfield clinic offers evidenced-based pelvic floor physical therapy and treatment for orthopedic injuries.  My goal is to provide you with compassionate, personalized care.  In doing so, treatment sessions are 90 to 120 minutes each and follow-ups are scheduled 2 to 5 weeks later, depending on the needs of the client.  In between visits, you can call or email with questions or concerns. I do not participate with any insurance panels.  I am happy to provide you with a detailed receipt with CPT and ICD-10 codes should you be able  to submit it to your insurance company for reimbursement. The investment for each visit is $235.00.

   This extended time format allows you to practice the exercises, make some recommended lifestyle changes, and possibly discuss options to consult with a Registered Dietician, Acupuncturist, or other provider that may be instrumental in achieving best outcomes.  Strong patient education, functional exercise, and skilled manual therapy are a part of each treatment session.

   The clinic is set on a beautiful homestead with organic gardens, chickens, goats, and bunnies, and provides lovely outdoor space to relax on the patio or deck during the warmer months. Hiking trails and walking paths through the woods are nearby to offer quiet time after treatment sessions if desired.   

What We Treat

Pain education is one of the most important aspects to recovery. Knowledge is power and gives you control over your pain. Restore PT will provide insightful but easy to understand education about how your body works. Once you understand this - you will gain the knowledge to understand your pain and therefore control it so you can calm it long term. This is how ALL chronic pain should be treated as the research and clinical results show profound results utilizing this alongside with manual treatment.

Pain Neuroscience Education

This is a hands-on massage-type treatment that is utilized to mobilize connective tissues in the body and ultimately calm the nervous system. The body likes to have mobility and freedom of movement. When myofascial tissue becomes stiff and rigid from trauma, scar tissue, hormone changes, surgeries, and/or inflammation it can make the nervous system hypersensitive. Mobilizing the myofascial tissues allows the body to have freedom of movement which is vital for the pelvic region to function properly. The bladder, uterus, intestines, rectum, and vagina all need to have movement to do their job appropriately and when myofascial tissue is restricted it can cause significant problems, hypersensitive nerves, increased danger messages, and therefore pain. Restore PT will also educate you on several ways you can perform this on yourself with simple treatment tools.

Myofascial Release

Learn about typical bathroom habits, how often you should be going pee during the day, how much water to intake, and how to conservatively decrease and control chronic UTI’s and yeast infections. Restore PT will teach you how to control the urge to urinate often and help get you on pee schedule that is normal to keep you out of the bathroom and anxiously searching for bathrooms constantly. Education about the food, drinks, and environmental triggers that cause urine urgency and how to reduce these triggers. Education to correct peeing often before bed and maybe often during the night. Education about a proper pelvic floor exercise program (Kegels) to strengthen your muscles and keep the pee in when you couch, laugh, sneeze, or exercise no matter how high your fitness level is (stress urinary incontinence).

Pee Education

Diet is immensely important for inflammation reduction and providing the body with the nutrients it needs to heal itself and mitochondria (energy producers of the cells). Inflammation and lack of nutrients significantly contribute to pain, depression, fatigue, and decreased mental clarity. Restore PT will dive deep into your diet and fluid intake to help you SLOWLY make ideal changes in your diet. This is helpful for all autoimmune conditions, pain, weight loss, and preventative care.

Diet Education

Sleep is vital for recovery from chronic pain...but unfortunately with chronic pain most people have poor sleep quality. It has been found that if you take a healthy individual and sleep deprive them you can induce chronic pain into them...that is how important sleep is to our recovery. Restore PT will review effective techniques that help you conservatively improve your sleep quality without medications.

Sleep Education

One of the key steps to recovery from chronic pain is setting weekly and monthly goals. Restore PT will help you determine very realistic and simple goals each week to target, which will allow you to heal yourself. Restore PT's will be your accountability coach through this process and help guide you the whole time you are working together inside and outside of the clinic space. Without having a purpose each day and goals to hit we tend to not be focused on our recovery...and without dedicated focus, I have found it is very difficult to heal.

Goal Setting

In Person Session

Your visit will begin with a comprehensive history taking so we understand in detail what questions, concerns, and challenges that have brought you here today.  Then we will do a head to toe orthopedic evaluation

Online Wellness Consultation

Would you like to meet in the comfort of your own home or live too far away?  We can arrange for online meetings to discuss your concerns and challenges and then set goals with specific actions to help you achieve them. 

Online Classes

Do you have time or financial barriers to addressing your pelvic health concerns? We have online programs that are simple, easy, and affordable to allow you to resolve your pain and discomfort independently.


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